our services

By the grace and mercy of Allah SWT, the Islamic Center of Coppell(ICC) has been well in operation for over four years since its establishment in 2015. ICC provides unique opportunities for the community through the various services it provides.

daily prayers

At ICC we offer all 5 prayers daily and a Jumu’ah Khutbah, in addition to Daily short reminders after Isha.

Qur’an program

Sign your kids up for our weekly Qur'an program offered by ICC.

Have your kids connect with the Word of Allah SWT by learning how to read and recite the Book of Allah SWT in the proper manner.

womens’ programs

Monthly programs and gatherings that facilitate knowledge, bonding, and integration amongst the sisters in the community

Youth programs

Join Imam Abdullah twice a month for a Youth Retreat where we will explore lessons from the Quran & sunnah, identify opportunities for Activism in our local DFW metroplex.